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Laško is a beautiful old town with a diverse cultural, sports and tourism life. While it is a small Slovenian town, Laško is an important tourism and economic hub along the lower course of the Savinja river. The town is particularly well known for its more than 190 year old tradition of brewing industry and the healing water springs. Throughout the rich history of Laško, its thermal water has restored numerous people to health and well-being. The tradition of maintaining health and well-being with the help of envigorating thermal water Laško is more than 160 years old.

The surroundings of Laško are just as appealing when it comes to natural beauty and cultural and historical heritage. You can discover the beauty of destination Laško-confluence of good throughout the year. There are many options for green, healthy and active holidays, there is a lot of special culinary delights and tradicional artcraft worth discovering.

The unspoiled and varied landscape of the Laško area is rich in pleasant spots just waiting to be discovered. This is the ideal starting point for outdoor activities. There are countless mountain and themed hiking trails, leading through forests, over meadows and pastures and past a wealth of cultural heritage. You can go rafting along the confluence of the Savinja and Sava rivers from Zidani Most towards Radeče. Horse enthusiasts can experience an open carriage ride, riding tours, cross country riding, and horse or pony riding. You can try a tandem paragliding flight or go fishing on the Savinja river, Gračnica stream or Marof ponds. The destination is characterized by a packed calendar of events. Throughout the year, countless cultural, ethnographic and entertainment events take place. In addition, Laško boasts high-quality facilities for conferences, seminars and other events.

Laško and the surrounding towns and villages are an ideal destination for rest and relaxation, but there are also countless opportunities for daytrips and active vacations. Visitors are attracted by a varied programme of events and there is also a wide selection of quality venues for business meetings.
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